Urbana Parks Foundation Distributes $39,000 in Funds to Urbana Park District

May 2018

The Urbana Parks Foundation (UPF) distributed over $39,000 in funds to the Urbana Park District in April 2018 to support a variety of parks, programs, and activities. The distribution is part of the Foundations regular financial support of the District, and meets their broader mission to strengthen the the local park system and enhance the health and vibrancy of the community.

Since its creation in 2007, the Urbana Parks Foundation has provided $246,000 in support for the District. The funds support the Districts various projects and programs including youth scholarships, theatre and cultural arts programs, the Nature Playscape, and Crystal Lake Park.

“The Urbana Parks Foundation has become an important source of funds that make our programs and special projects better and more sustainable,” said Ellen Kirsanoff, Urbana Park District’s Development Manager.  “Just one example is our long running Youth Summer Theater program. This high quality yearly Theater experience for the youth of our community has been funded the last several years in part by the Parks Foundation through donors who believe that cultural and theater programming at the Urbana Park District is vital to our offerings in this community.  Funds are donated by supportive donors, and the foundation distributes them to the Park District to help fund expenses for this yearly production. The fund raised by the foundation for Cultural Programs helps to ensure that this program and others are the best they can be. Programs and parks throughout the district are supported in this way by the Urbana Parks Foundation.”

The Foundation was established to help meet the growing need for supplemental support by raising funds for UPD activities. It seeks donations from people and organizations who appreciate the value of parks and programs not just for their immediate esthetic or environmental value, but for the impact they can have on future generations.

“Some people donate to the Foundation for a specific project, while others make their donations without specifying a particular purpose for them.  Unrestricted donations like this increase the flexibility the Park District has in directing funds to areas of greatest need,” said Fred Delcomyn, President of the Foundation.

Urbana parks are a resource for everyone. Whether you live in Urbana or a surrounding community, make a positive impact on Urbana’s parks now and in the future by donating today. For more information, or to make a donation, visit www.urbanaparksfoundation.org.