Why We Should Have Nature During Coronavirus

Apr 2020

10 year old Urbana Parks Supporter Sofia Marquez shares why she thinks it is important to have nature during the COVID-19 pandemic. She shared her personal thoughts in a message to the Urbana Parks Foundation with permission to share on our blog. Read on to hear what this fourth grader has to share.

During COVID-19, we need nature and walking paths the most. While most of us are in quarantine, our walking paths are very important for providing exercise and fresh air.

Being surrounded by nature also may help relieve stress and grow positivity. It did help me. That’s why the trails should remain open. 

I enjoy observing the sculptures at Meadowbrook Park a lot, and it is fun to get out and feel the fresh air.

It has also been very great weather the past couple of days, and walking (or running) is a great way to stay physical and sane. 

One of my most favorite places is Meadowbrook Park, because of the many great things to see. While the playgrounds are closed, taking kids to see the great sculptures and observe nature would be just as good as the playground. 

Take it from me, I am a kid.