Getting to Know UPF Trustee & Treasurer Tom Brown

Jul 2018

As a life-long resident and supporter of our community, I have noticed that there are a variety of elements which contribute to its success. Taking pride in those assets can certainly be rewarding. I have found the development of the Urbana Park District Facilities and Programs to be a major contributor to those residing in and visiting our area.

As a youth, I remember visiting Crystal Lake Park, Blair Park, and Carle Park. Comfortable open land space, ball parks, a swimming pool, fishing, and boating provided appropriate options when needing to fill time.

After graduating from college in 1974, I returned to work at my local family business. I was soon recruited to be the Urbana Park District Treasurer. That opportunity allowed me to better understand the operation of the Urbana Park District and the remarkable impact it makes on our community. The foresight of this organization to expand facilities and programs should make all residents proud.

In 2007, a small group of local individuals were assembled to consider the start of a Parks Foundation. This is where I learned a very valuable lesson – don’t be late to the first formal meeting or you might be elected President! This meeting was the beginning of the formation of the Urbana Parks Foundation as we know it. Our group believed there was a real need to develop a not-for-profit organization to assist and support the efforts of the Urbana Park District, now and into the future.

My wife Mary Ann and I have raised three wonderful boys in this community. We all have participated and enjoyed so much that the Urbana Park District has provided. As a current Urbana Parks Foundation Board Member, and its Treasurer, it feels great to be able to give back to an organization that has done so much to enhance my family’s life experiences. I am sure that there are many who would and could agree with this conclusion.