Wandell Sculpture Garden silver anniversary celebration

Oct 2022

The Meadowbrook Park Wandell Sculpture Garden is turning 25, and Urbana Park District (UPD) will be celebrating this quarter-century milestone in 2022 – 2023. As part of the festivities, visitors are invited to check out several new sculptures on loan to the park district:

  • Into Thy Hands – Janet Austin
  • Sherpa II – Harry Gordon
  • The Gifting Angel – Jon Isherwood
  • After Giverny – Jon Isherwood
  • Awake – Micki LeMieux

Envisioned by former UPD Executive Director Robin Hall 25-years ago, the aim of the Wandell Sculpture Garden has been for people to enjoy natural areas, and public art at the same time. Hall notes that the garden has enjoyed “such great support from the community and the staff has been very supportive. It is a real community effort.”

As an interesting sidenote, two of these new additions recently had a successful run in a public art display on Broadway. Jon Isherwood’s sculptures The Gifting Angel and After Giverny were prominently featured in New York City in the critically-acclaimed display, Broadway Blooms: Jon Isherwood on Broadway from July 2021 – July 2022, featuring sculptures of flower blooms – symbolizing the return to life in the city after the Covid-19 pandemic. The two sculptures are now on loan to the Urbana Park District and are currently on display in the Wandell Garden.

To find public art in Meadowbrook Park and throughout the park district, visitors can check out the Arts & Sculpture Tour on the UPD website to find the works and learn more about the pieces and artists. The Arts & Sculpture Tour will be updated soon to include the new works mentioned above.


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